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Grand Master Prabhakar Reddy and his 17 Students Create New World Records

5,862 Blowing Candles with Martial arts Punches in one Minute.

Miracle World Records Sport Certification is Successfully Completed.

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Children Black Belt Training Marathon 10 hours 5 Minute 15 Seconds Non Stop Training.

Successfully Completed the Event 12-05-2015 at Shaolin Kung-fu Monk Training Academy Nellore City,Andhra Pradesh,India.

Shaolin Kung-fu Warrior Monk Shifu Prabhakar Reddy is a One Of The Best Martial arts Master 24 Years Martial arts Experienced Expert Shifu Prabhakar Reddy is a Teach Now Special Training in India.

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Daily 4 to 7 Hours Training.

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 Wushu Monk Shifu Prabhakar Reddy

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World Record Title=

Blowing a Candles With a Martial arts Punches in 1 Minute 18 Members.

Date = 6-6-2015

Venue = Indira Bhavan,Brundavanam,SPSR Nellore,Andhra Pradesh,India.Pin- 524001.


Participants Details  =

1) Master or Coach

Name = Master Prabhakar Reddy .P

Father Name = P Sankar Reddy

Date Of Birth = 22-04-1982

Address = Nellore City,Andhra Pradesh,India.Pin -524001.

Cell= 09849465401






Students List =


2) Name =S.Rajasekhar

Father Name =S.Subrahmanyam

Date of Birth= 8-06-1992

Address = D,no=28/3442,Janardhan reddy Colony,Venkateswarapuram,

Nellore,Andhra Pradesh,Pin -524005





3) Name =J.Satya

Father Name =J.Rammohan

Date of Birth =29-12-1985

Address = Jyothi Nagar,6th Street,Nellore,Andhra Pradesh,pin = 524004


4) Name =P.Srinivasulu
Father Name =P.Venkata Chennaiah
Date of Birth =7-06-1992
Address = 4-89,Kottalapalli(Vi),Vemulakota(Po)Markapur,Prakasam (Dist),Andhra Pradesh,
5) Name = O.Pramod Kumar
Father Name = O.Tulasi Das
Date of Birth =26-07-1983
Address = B.C Colony,Udayagiri,Nellore,Andhra Pradesh.
O.Pramod Kumar

6) Name = A.Ravi Kumar
Father Name = A.Rosaiah
Date of Birth =3-08-1992
Address = 25/7-795,Podalakur Road,Vengalrao Nagar,Nellore,Andhra Pradesh.
A.Ravi Kumar
7) Name =S.B.Tarun
Father Name = A.Selvaraj
Date of Birth =6-04-1996
Address = 705/17th Main,6th B Cross,EX-Servicemens Colony,Banaswadi,Bangalore,Karnataka,pin = 524043



8) Name = K.Kiran Kumar Reddy
Father Name =K.Narasimha Reddy
Date of Birth =24-06-1994
Address = 20-1-84,opp Andhra Bank,Mulapet,Nellore,Andhra Pradesh,pin = 524003
K.Kiran Kumar Reddy
9) Name = B.Rakesh
Father Name = B.Siva Sankar
Date of Birth =2-04-1994
Address = 25-9-696,Postal Colony,2nd Line,Near Rajeswari Temple,Nellore,Andhra Pradesh.




10) Name = N.Giri
Father Name = N.Chinna Narasaiah
Date of Birth =15-04-1980
Address = Kotha Harijanawada,Indukur,Allur (Md),Nellore,Andhra Pradesh.


11) Name = Sd.Khamruddin
Father Name =Sd.Khader Mohiddin
Date of Birth =18-06-1982
Address = 7-352,Big Garden,Ranganayakulapet,Nellore,Andhra Pradesh.
12) Name =T.Alex Babu
Father Name =T.Balaji
Date of Birth =3-04-1999
Address = North Rajupalem,Kotha Arjinawada,Kodavalur,(Md),Nellore,Andhra Pradesh.
T.Alex Babu
13) Name = M.Prudhvi Krishna Reddy
Father Name = M.Muniratnam Reddy
Date of Birth = 12-06-1990
Address = Mulapet,Nellore,Andhra Pradesh,pin = 524003
M.Prudvi Krishna Reddy




14) Name = D.Mahesh
Father Name =D.Venkaiah
Date of Birth =1-07-1979
Address = Jonnavada (Vi),Buchireddypalem,Nellore,Andhra Pradesh.
15) Name = Ch,V.Rajesh
Father Name = Ch.V.Subbarao
Date of Birth =17-07-1986
Address = Flat No-C2,Sri Venkats Ramarao Flora,Near Saibaba Temple,Lakshmipuram,Nellore,Andhra Pradesh,pin = 524002
16) Name =O.Prem Kumar
Father Name = O.Munuswami
Date of Birth =24-06-1995
Address = Pothuraju Dibha (Vi),Indukurpeta (Md),Nellore,Andhra Pradesh.
O.Prem Kumar


17) Name = E.Sujith Kumar
Father Name = E.Venkaiah Achari
Date of Birth =-041995
Address = 14-5-72,opp Siri Multiplex,Nellore,Andhra Pradesh,pin = 524001
E.Sujithth Kumar
18) Name = SK.Muneer Ahamed
Father Name = SK.Azeez Bai
Date of Birth = 13-12-1985
Address =11/99,Kajipat,Mulimudi Busstand, Nellore,Andhra Pradesh,pin = 524001
Sk.Muneer Ahamad