The Combat Kung-fu Classes under Shaolin Master Prabhakar Reddy


Chittoor District Shaolin Kung-fu Training.

International Martial Arts Expert Trainer Shifu Master Prabhakar Reddy Trained China,Thailand,Malaysia,Japan,Srilanka and Indian Martial Arts.

He Teach Now Special Training Camp India.

Hostel Facility Available.

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Muay Thai Master Prabhakar Reddy Indian Best Martial arts Expert Andhra Pradesh Kung-fu

Shaolin Master India

Shaolin Training Monk India Kung-fu Master Prabhakar Reddy China Wushu Warrior 

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Indian 32 Guinness World Records Holder Master Prabhakar Reddy Nellore 

Kung-fu Training Camp India

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Shaolin Training Swords Expert Training Master Prabhakar Reddy

Shaolin Training Camp India

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Martial arts Camp India

Kung-fu Indian JKD Trainer  Sifu Master Prabhakar Reddy

Shaolin Kung-fu Guan Training Camp

Indian Best Wing Chun Kung-fu Sifu

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Kung-fu Warrior Monk India
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