International Martial arts Weapons Fight Master Prabhakar Reddy in Teach Special Training

International Martial arts Expert 32 Guinness Book Of Records Holder Master Prabhakar Reddy is a International Black Belt 6 Dan, 29 Years Martial arts Experienced Expert Master Prabhakar Reddy Teach 4,95,000 above Students in the World level.He Trained China Shaolin Temple Japan,Thailand Malaysia and Indian Martial arts

Master Prabhakar Reddy +91 9849465401

Arunachal Pradesh Shaolin Kung-fu Training.

International Martial arts Expert Trainer Shifu Prabhakar Reddy is a Trained China Shaolin Temple,and Japan,Thailand,Malaysia,Sri lanka,Indian Martial arts. He Teach Now Special Training India.

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Daily 7 Hours Training.

Welcome and Learn Real Traditional and Advanced Martial arts.

World Famous 18 Weapons Training

Street Combat


Joint Lock Techniques

Hand to Hand Combat

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