Shaolin Kung-fu Training in Kerala Warrior Monk Training Master Shifu Master Prabhakar Reddy.

Wushu Monk Shifu Master Prabhakar Reddy

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International Expert Martial arts Trainer.

Hostel Facility Available.
Daily 7 Hours Training.
Welcome and Learn Real China Shaolin Temple Kung-fu Training,
Traditional 18 Weapons
Shaolin Tai chi Chuan
Shaolin Zen Meditation,
Shaolin Sanda Sanshou
Shaolin Taolu Forms
Chin Na Joint Lock Techniques.
Traditional Kung-fu Forms Taolu
and More……..
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Shifu Prabhakar Reddy (SHI MIAO JIN) is a SHAOLN 36 th Generation Warrior Monk from SHAOLIN TEMPLE ,CHINA.He is to be trained at the SHAOLIN TEMPLE SECULAR DISCIPLE UNION,under the SHAOLIN TEMPLE (Grand Master) SHAOLIN Warrior Monk Shifu SHI YAN WU.
Shifu(master)Prabhakar Reddy has been involved in MARTIAL ARTS for over 24 years,
he teach 85 000 above students(all age).
The martial arts are codified system and traditions of combat practices.They are practice for variety of reasons,including self-defense,competition,physical and fitness,as well as mental,physical,and spitual development. kungfu is the most powerful,There is testing and students learn stretching,stances,kicks,jumps,movements,and empty hand,Traditional weapons forms. Learn Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu, Shaolin Forms, Shaolin Traditional Weapons.