Fiting Movements

Shaolin Kung-fu Training Master

Kung-fu Kwan Dao Monk Master Shifu Prabhaka Reddy

Shaolin Kung-fu Training Warrior Monk

Shaolin Kwan Dao Trainer Shifu Master Prabhakar Reddy

kung-fu is a most powerful Martial art=There is testing and students are awarded Certificates  & Belts.Students learn stretching ,stance,kicks,jumps,movements,and empty hand and traditional weapons forms.

Kungfu is made up of  two characters,KUNG -can mean skilful work,hard training,or endeavor.FU-means time spent, The two together mean time spent at skill full work or hard training.

Today,kung-fu is practiced all.

Any of various Martial arts,especially those forms in which sharp blows and kicks are applied to pressure points on the body of an opponent.

kungfu has also been popularized by such famous Martial artists and entertainers like Bruce Lee,Jet Lee,and Jackie Chan.

Shi Miao Jin Shifu Prabhakar Reddy P Teach his students Buddhism and the history of Shaolin Temple,Taiji Quan(Taichi),Ba Duan Jin,Traditional weapons,Sanda,Shaolin forms etc….

World Best Martial arts Coach Master Prabhakar Reddy 26 Guinness  Martial arts Records Holder From Nellore Andhra Pradesh India.