Martial arts Training For Gents=Adults-> The Adults program is currently for ages 13 and up,There is no age limit to who can benefit from Kung-fu and the curriculum can be adapted  for different  ages and Abilities,many people believe shaolin kung-fu can only benefit people who start as children,but nothing is further from the truth.

Shaolinsindia Kung-fu

Kung-fu Master Prabhakar Reddy School Of Martial arts Nellore Academy Indian

Shaolin Kng-fuu

Master Prabhakar Reddy Martial arts Expert Warrior Monk India Wushu School Shaolin

Indian Muay Thai

Combat Training

As an Adults Practitioner you will gain increased flexibility,a lean and toned body,improved balance and coordination along with a more focused and relaxed mind ,you will learn how to use this increased vitality and physical fitness to defend your self if needed.