Learn Self-Defense Training Ladies Training = Women and Girls in the Martial arts of Kung-fu ,More benefits then Self-Protection,

The Women and Girls Practice in the Martial arts of kung-fu for Self-Defense,in fact there are more reasons Why Ladies are starting this Martial arts.

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It is Important to Clarify that Martial arts is not with out the History of Women.It was both ZEN Budhist Monks and Nuns that brought YOGA and Martial arts from INDIA to CHINA[youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7Z-Nellore AM6o9c8″ title=”Indian%20Girls%20Self-Defense%20Training%20Nellore%20Martial%20arts%20Master%20Prabhakar%20Reddy%20AP%20Womens%20Self%20Protection%20Camp” rel=”0″]

.In War -torn China,Protecting your self  was a matter of Survival.whilst the exact origins of kung fu argued,there is a story about  a 13 year-old girl named Shuan Guan who was born around 265AD.Legend has it that she was nicknamed ‘Little Tigress’ after a brave battle she won when bandits tried to attack her town.After escaping to speak to a general in a military camp in a neighboring village,she so impressed him that he sent his Soldiers to help fight the bandits.The emperor of China honored.

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Attacks in the street and Home=One cannot mention kungfu with out talking about the important aspects of Self-Defense.it is for this very reason that kungfu is the most likely to be so appealing to the Female gender,unfortunatly from time to time there are serial predators that we read about in the media,and of course there are thousands of other crimes that go unreported or don’t make in to the News papers.

When Women are out on their own,on quiet paths,in Parks or Street at Night,they often have to be vigilant and alert.There are generally too scared to be out alone or to Exercise on their own,one way to reduce this fear and feel less scared is to take Kungfu classes.

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Kung fu provides you with the Survival skills to feel less thratened and to be ables to defend in an attack,in fact ,a lot of attacks occur in the home and so it si vitally important for Women to known Self-Defense movements to word off potential  attackers.

LADIES FITNESS=Women want to look good,We want to look toned and fit,Kungfu helps us tone our muscles by many Exercises keep our Weight in a healthy BMI range is to exercises which helps increase our Metabolism .

Kungfu is a Great Choice for improving tone and offer a range of additional benefits.

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