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Sanda or Sanshou as Unsanctioned fight is a Chinese hand to hand Self-Defense System and Combat Sport,Sanshou is a martial arts which was originally developed by the Chinese Military based upon the study and practices of Traditional Kung fu and modern combat fighting techniques,Combines full contact Kickboxing,which include close range,and rapid successive punches and Kicks,with Wrestling,Takedowns,Throws,Sweeps,kick catches,and in some competitions,even Elbow and Knee strikes.

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Not seen as a style,rather it is considered as just one of the two components of Chinese Martial arts training and it is often taught alongside with Taolu (forms)training,as part of development of Sport Wushu by the Chinese Government,a standard curriculum for sanshou was developed,it is to this standard curriculum that the term Sanshou is usually applied.This general Sanshou curriculum varies in its different forms,as the Chinese Government developed a version for civilians for self-defense and a sport.


The generalized modern curriculum practiced in modern wushu schools is composed of different traditional martial arts fighting styles from china,but mainly based on scientific efficiency.Sanshou is composed of chinese martial arts applications including most aspects of combat including striking and grappling,however when Sanshou was developed as a sport,restrictions were made for safety reasons as well as promote it as a non-violent sport,Examples of such restrictions included no blows delivered to the back of the head,throat,spine or groin and the discontinuation of the combat when any of the fighters fall to the ground,However many schools,whether traditional or modern,practice it as an all round martial arts system with no restrictions,only adapting their training in relation to competition rules prior to the event,Sanshou tournaments are one of the two disciplines

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