Karate Summer Camp Shaolin  Summer Kung-fu Training Classes  for Children and Adults Special Training.

Martial arts Summer Camp

Martial arts Summer Camp Teach Master Prabhakar Reddy Nellore

Nellore Karate Girls Self-Defense Training

Girls Summer Camp Training India Master Prabhakar Reddy

Kung-fu Summer Camp

Karate Summer Camp

Kick Boxing Summer Camp

Self-Defense Summer Camp

Martial arts Summer Camp

MMA Summer Camp

Weight Loss Summer Camp

Wushu Summer Camp

Wing Chun Kung-fu Summer Camp

Nun Chaku Summer Camp

Boxing Summer Camp

Muay Thai Summer Camp

Kalaripayatu Summer Camp

Tai chi Chuan Summer Camp

Teakwondo Summer Camp

Yoga Summer Camp

Kung-fu Warrior Training Camp

Martial arts Children Summer Camp Nellore Kids Karate and Fitness Activity Training

In Summer Improve your Talent and Physical Strength.

INDIA Shaolin Kung-fu SUMMER CAMP  =summer camp Training for all ages Ladies and Gents,Boys and Girls.

Build your child’s confidence,

Give your child a sense of accomplishment,

Improve your child’s athletic dexterity,

Martial arts TRAINING Camp

Kung-fu Summer Camp Children Martial arts India Hanish Warrior Nellore Shaolin

Teach your child discipline and Self-Control,

Martial arts summer camp for kids meets Sunday to Saturday for two Hours a day.During that time,your child is Introduced to the ancient Martial arts of Shaolin Kung-fu.

The exercises provide a full Body Workout that will enhance your child’s health and vigor,They require Concentration and focus,which will help your child learn Mental discipline.


Shaolin Kung-fu Training Camp

Martial arts Training India

The Best Indian Martial arts

Indian Children Kung-fu School of Martial arts Academy Training India

TIMINGS= 6;00 Am to  8;30 Pm (Every Day)

Special Training 4 to 7 hours Per Day

and Hostel Facility Available.

Chinese Wushu Guan Camp

Shaolin Kung-fu Warriors Summer Kung-fu Training Indian Best Master Prabhakar Reddy

Kung-fu Indian Shaolin Temple

International Martial arts Master Prabhakar Reddy Indian Best Summer Camp

Indian Best Martial arts Training Kids

Martial arts Fighting Kids Nellore Martial arts Summer Camp Training India Wing Chun

Shaolin Kung-fu Training

Indian Best Kung-fu Master Prabhakar Reddy

Indian Kung-fu Warrior Camp

Indian Kung-fu Training Karate Summer Camp Indian Best Martial arts Nellore Wushu

Shaolin Kung-fu Training Kids

Shaolin India Kung-fu Children Summer Kick Boxing Training Camp Magunta Lay Out Nellore

Indian Kung-fu Warrior Training Camp

Children Martial arts Training Camp Nellore Kids Karate Indian Kung-fu Summer Camp