Summer Shaolin Temple Kung fu Weapons Training Camp

Shaolin Master Prabhakar Reddy Teach Shaolin Temple Kung fu 18 famous Weapons Style.

Welcome and Learn Special Training Camp…

   Everyday 5 am to 10 am


Evening 4 pm to 8- 30 pm

Shaolin Warrior Kung fu Weapons Training

Shaolin Monk Sifu Prabhakar Reddy


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Address= 2nd Floor,beside Basota Hotel,SPSR Nellore,

Andhra Pradesh,India-524001.


Shaolin Weapons

Kungfu Weapons


Shifu Prabhakar Reddy Indian Monk

Butterfly Sword ,Two shot swards working in unison and with deadly results,The Butterfly Swords was  a common  southern  style Weapon and have the ability to be flipped hiding it from an enemy,This form naturally increases  a practitioner hand and arm speed although strengthening one”s wristsThe Kwan Dao or  Long-Handled -Broad swordThe 3 Sectional Staff is one of the archetypal Weapons of kungfu,The Gim or Straight Sword different from the Broad Sword,The Spear is refferred to as King of Long WeaponsShort StickSpearCurved Sword Broad sword

Shaolin Tiger Fork

Double hook Sword

Double Dagger

Rope dart

Cresnet moon spade

Old mans Staff

Straight Sword Scholar”s Sword

Double Hammers

Double Axe


Double spade moon Sword

Halberd-Ta Dao

monk Spade

Crescent moon spear

Three sectional staff

Long axe

Snake and Creasent  Spear

Middle Horse Cutter

Shield Rattan & Other materials

Eight Sutra Hammer

Big Horse Cutter

Small Horse Cutter

Shaolin Warrior Monk