Kushti is a Indian Traditional Wrestling.

Most Countries have a traditional style of Wrestling.In India,Wrestling take place in a clay or dirt pit.The soil mixed with ghee and other things and is tended to before each practice.Traditional Indian Wrestling is not just a sport ,it’s an ancient subculture where Wrestler live and Train together and follow strict rules on everything from what they can eat to what they can do in their spare time.Drinking,smoking and even sex are off limits.The focus is on living a pure life,building strength and honing their Wrestling skills.

Shaolin Kung fu Wrestling

Wrestling Training Coach Master Prabhakar Reddy Nellore Martial arts School of Academy

In India Wrestlers belong to Gyms called Akharas,where Wrestler live under strict rules.

Wrestlers Diets consists of milk,almonds,ghee,eggs, and chapattis and each wrestler has a job to do in preparing meals.The sport is on the decline,but there are still many Akyaras left and some dedicated people who are working ti keep this ancient part of Indian culture alive.

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