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Wushu = Wu is Miltary,Shu is Art Wushu  Means the art of Fighting,Martial arts.wushu has been organized and system developed performance arts by the reigns as the most Popular national Sport in the Country of 1 Billion above Peoples.and it is Practiced for its Method of achieving health,Self-defense,Mental and Physical Fit good Discipline.
How is Wushu related to Kung fu and Taijiquan,wushu is a correct term for all Chinese Martial arts therefore Kungfu and Wushu were Originally the same.During the last thirty Years,Wushu is Main land China was modernized  so that there could be a universal standard for training and competing.Speed,Difficulty,and presentation,consequently,wushu has become an athletic and aesthetic performance and  competitive sport,while Kung fu or Traditional wushu remains the Traditional Fighting practice,Taijiquen is a major division of wushu,Utilizing the body internal engergy or Chi and following the Simple principle of subduing the vigorous by the soft.

Triple Nun Chock Trainer Shifu Prabhakar Reddy

Wushu Triple Nun Chock Master

Shaolin Warrior Mon Trainer India

Shaolin Monk Wushu Weapons Trainer

Shaolin Monk Trainer Shifu Prabhakar Reddy

Shaolin Wushu Weapons Trainer India

Shaolin Warrior Monk Weapons

Indian Shaolin Temple Wushu Monk

Shaolin Wushu Traditional Master

Shaolin Monk Wushu Trainer Indian