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Nonstop 36 hours VAJRASANA ,

Date – 20 June 2015 To 21 June 2015.

Venue = 2nd Floor,Martial arts Building,Nellore City,Andhra Pradesh,India.

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Vajrasan 36 hours Non Stop Training.

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Yoga is a commonly known generic term for Physical,Mental,and spiritual disciplines which originated in India.specifically,yoga is one of the six astika(orthodox)school of Hindu philosophy.One of the most detailed and thorough exposition on the subject are the Yoga Sutras  of Patanjali.Various traditions if Yoga are found in Hinduism,Buddhism,Jainism,and Sikhism.


The Suryanamaskara has been mentioned in our sacred texts of Hinduism like Rig Veda, Sama Veda, and Puranas. The Suryanamaskara is a chalana [“movement”] consisting of 12 flowing steps in a sequence. The sequence in itself covers asanas, pranayama, bandhas,kriyasmudras, mantras and bija aksharExcept for people suffering from any knee injuries, severe back pain, vertigo or epilepsy and pregnant (2nd and final trimester). Regardless of age, sex… everyone else can practice Suryanamaskara.

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Suryanamaskara is beneficial because it reduces stress, improves lung capacity, reduces stiffness of all the body parts, helps to cultivate stability, flexibility and involvement, works on all the glands, systems and parts of the body, balances Ida and Pingala [heat and cold in our body]. Practicing 12 rounds of Suryanamaskara everyday contributes in overall development of a person by keeping him/her strong and healthy both physically and mentally.Though Suryanamaskara seems like a panacea for all our ailments, its benefits are realized if and only if the mind is totally concentrated on the practice by properly coordinating every body movement [step] with the breath. However the practice should be built up gradually rather than trying all at once.  Initially Suryanamskara can be practiced focusing on the posture alone. Once the posture is comfortable to practice, then the breath should be coordinated with every step. Later Bija mantras can be included with the practice, so that the mind gets focused.

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